The Bhagavad Gītā is a 700-verse conversational poem originally written in Sanskrit by the Vedic sage, Vyasa. The title, Bhagavad Gītā, translates to "song of the Spirit."

It contains a collection of timeless spiritual lessons applicable to people of all ages, backgrounds and faiths.

Acharya Shunya developed this class series, which focuses solely on Chapters 1 and 2, using the knowledge passed down from her lineage of Vedic master teachers and through her own vigorous study of the Sanskrit scripture.

In these 12 video classes, she reveals the precious and profound teachings of the enlightened Vedic sages who composed this scripture, unpacking each verse of the sacred text with depth and care.


Previously only accessible to students of her Vedic Spiritual Studies program, she would now like to share this knowledge freely with you.


To fully understand the hidden wisdom within this book, you must be open and receptive to divine truths.


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The Bhagavad Gita revolves around the following questions:

How can someone live a life spiritually meaningful without withdrawing from society?


What can someone who does not want to give up family and social obligations do to live the right way?

The Gita challenges the general consensus that only ascetics and monks can live a perfect spiritual life through renunciation, and emphasizes the value of an active spiritual life.

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