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Positive Thinking Cannot Solve All Your Problems (Part 2)


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Self is the truest and deepest part of you; shadow is its illusion, the ego. The shadow and the self stand at two opposite ends of your spiritual journey. Your engruing must begin with the shadow and culminate in the realisation of the self, when you can hope to lead bold, powerful and a fulfilled life from within; but here is a catch, unless we humans have enlightening non dual wisdom, about our true spiritual identity, the self, most of us will continuously walking unconsciously, living one shadowy life script or the other. We become ceased by the shadow instead, but in this podcast, i will share with you the rare transmittive, paradigm shifting, consciousness awakening, non dual wisdom from the Vedas, Upanishads and the Bhagwad Gita and the disciplines of yoga and ayurveda. So that, you can journey from shadow to self confidently, with wisdom of the ancient Sages by your side.

Hello everyone, i am Acharya Shunya, i am a Vedic teacher, a scholar and really a practioner of this wisdom because like you, i too found in my human journey, that i had to slay a lot of darkness in my mind, to then be blessed by the light; which is my true nature. I don’t just talk about this knowledge; this knowledge has been my own journey. And i come from that perspective and i bring to you my own truth.

In the last episode we talked about, how positive thoughts may not necessarily deliver. Sure positive thoughts are way better than being choked by our own negative thoughts. But sometimes, positive thoughts can be no more than a fantasy, a bubble, something that is artificial, not real. And what we want to cultivate instead in our mind, are what i call organic thoughts, real thoughts, thoughts that connect us to the truth in a given moment. So the proverbial glass is the same and the optimistic sees it half filled and the pessimistic sees it half empty. The optimist sees abundance or at least a potential of it and the pessimist sees a reason to despair. So definitely in coping with life and its challenges, a more optimistic perspective is definitely an advantage. But i want to take our conversation even beyond that because i have met, countless people, who have dedicated their decades and decades of spiritual quest, to cultivating positive thinking. They are not necessarily happy, in any abiding sense nor are they free from anxiety. They are not necessarily ready to deal with the challenges that come their way and sometimes people who have pension for thinking positively collapse into pools of negativity that take them by surprise, so what’s going on here? What i am trying to say here is that we need to look at that glass of water and be able to accept its half fullness and its half emptiness. We don’t necessarily have to put a spin that, because it’s half full it’s good and because it’s half empty its bad. See the spin or the opinion that we superimpose upon the glass of water as it is is our subjective creation and this subjective creation is the problem. It’s a problem because it’s not real, anything that is not real, but is stained with our prejudices, our unconscious preferences, our conditioning, our unrestrained desires, our entitlements is not necessarily going to be the route to take us home.

In our journey from shadow to self fortunately, we have beautiful aides from the science of yoga and Vedanta, from the ancient Vedas. And today i am going to expound upon a beautiful teaching from a text known as the Yoga sutras by sage Patanjali. This text was compiled sometime between 2 BCE and 2 CA and any deep in query, into the mind always will involve in the Vedic tradition, a journey through this text. And in its section two from its total four sections, we come across a verse, verse number 33 which says and i will be quoting Sanskrit now VITARKAH BADHANE PRATIPAKSH BHAWNAM, which literally means, that if the mind is constantly being harassed by certain thoughts, they could be negative or positive, deliriously optimistic and self inflicting negative, so the mind’s kind of going on its own spin, then one should cultivate the opposite thoughts using your soul well. So this practice itself is known as Pratipaksh Bhawana.

Pratipaksh means taking the opposite version of whatever reality the mind wants to conjure. So if the mind wants to see a certain situation as terribly hopeless, no exit out, this can really be happening to me, this is unacceptable, this is shameful, this is terrible .Then using this practice we should know that the mind tends to get stuck in that mode of negativity and we can think an opposite thought, which is quite different from way the mind is trending and think a positive balancing thought and think a way out of that tragic trait to say well, yes! It feels like the heavens are falling upon me, but, maybe what happens after this, will be an interesting development into my life story. Let’s see what falls, what goes away, what stripped away and what remains. Because then what remains, is what is true for me. I know this is not easy; it takes courage to practice Pratipaksh Bhawana. But whoever does that can then emerge back from that slippery slope of one type of thinking, that then leads one to one prejudice belief system or perception and these perceptions guide our attitudes, attitudes guide our thoughts, thoughts guide our actions, actions become our character, character becomes our destiny. And we never evaluated, if we want to go down the slide of negativity or climb up the spiral of positivity. Because even that can be questionable, at times we might be ready to walk down the aisle with someone, with whom at every encounter, we have this sneaky red flag we wonder, if this is the person we should be with, but we have such a spin of positive thinking, that we justify their every questionable speech and behaviour with a positive spin. This person is still living with, they are fifty year old and they are still living with their mother who is looking after them. You know in some cultures, even older kids live with their parents, to life time deal or in the cultures, where it is not the norm one should question that; is there a reason why we are living there? Is there a valuable dharmic purpose for their living there?

Or is it because, it was a failure to launch their own life on an independent basis? But you are so committed to positive thinking, that you can say you know what, maybe this is happening because you are so caring and, and they never just got the chance to do that, they are so accommodating and they are so loyal to their mother, it’s an example. So neither do you want to go through a negative route of saying, oh no!! i have met this, person who is living with their mother and i am going to run because this person has all kinds of questionable attachments, inability to launch themselves, inability to have a discernment between what relationship should they be cultivating as primary and which ones in the background and which ones in the foreground and then you run screaming or you overstay and its only right after you walked the aisle and you are sharing the house with your partner’s mother that you realise that, the partner has not been able to separate emotionally from the mother. Now maybe after this episode you might want to question whichever, a type of thought emerges with the opposite, if it’s getting too positive ,you want to inter check with some questioning opposite parts, if it’s too negative you want to go for some positive thoughts and ultimately you may arrive at this conclusion that this person is staying with their mother because their mother has a medical condition which needs care and this was the only child who made themselves available, this child or this grown up child of the mother has many ambitions but, at a conscious level, they have taken a decision to be with their parent. This is not a weak person, this is not a monster, this is not a fool, this is not a great person, and this is just a reasonable adult, who is taking University puts it this way. That if we do have the ability, i am not giving the exact quote ,but in his book he talks about decisions to support their family members and therefore this person is worthy of walking down the aisle with. So these are scenarios, okay, if you are somebody dealing with this situation, i am not saying walk down the aisle or not because this is just i am touching upon a situation, a possible situation. But this is the way to look at things, okay. So Pratipaksh Bhawana will then allow you to reappraise a situation. And i really love it, because i found upon research that a Cavin Arshenor, that’s how you pronounce the name, who has been studying the neuron science of reappraisal at Columbia the possibility for us humans to use our will, our cognitive will to make emotional reappraisals of our thinking process. And we can shift through those appraisals, our responses.

So that will change how you perceive a given situation and this will perceive everything your attitude, your beliefs, your emotions and when you are able to interpret the glass, as it is through the lens of your current situation you can use your past experiences to inform you, you can use your education and your spiritual knowledge to guide you, you can really evaluate it, it need not then be anything more than what it is. For example ,in my own life i have an ageing parent, and i am deeply aware that every day is a gift day on this planet with his atma, his self in that current body that i call my father and much as i love him, when i look at that situation i cannot really describe it as positive or negative, every time i am afraid of losing him, i can’t put a positive spin on it, but he has good health right now; oh that’s great that he has been meditating for the last seventy five years because or eighty years because he is eighty plus, he has been meditating since age seven so i just ,oh yeah but then you know his meditation is going to protect him. Oh i am so glad that his health is doing fine because, he listens to me and tries to lead an Ayurvedic lifestyle. I am not going to just talk away my fears with just positive thinking, fears of losing him to, to the journey that he has to do after dropping this body ,nor can i get caught up every day in negativity of, every time the phone rings in the night, its him he’s gone or not been able to focus on what i have to do because there is this underlined fear of a very important relationship, being taken away by me sooner or later by the relentless march of time.

So when i will look at this through the lens of organic thinking, satyam thinking and truth thinking that i have talked about in the previous episode that i am expanding upon in this one, that i can emerge from the shadow of extreme negativity and dizzying positivity, to the calm ground of reality. And i can do this when every time this attachment and the fear of loss comes up, i can hold my heart and i can say oh Shunya it’s going to really change your life, when you can pick up the phone and talk to the only person that you have or you call family, it’s going to be strange to see his phone number on your phone screen and not being able to dial him. It’s not that i don’t seek counseling from him anymore or guidance from him because Shunya has grown up now physically, emotionally, spiritually. But it’s fun to just chat with him at an intimate level; hey what did you eat, did you watch that documentary that i told you about, what about that book, what about our time when we were growing up with his father our common guru, Baba. So those intimate conversations i can only have with him and oh Shunya it’s going to be, yeah it’s going to be something, it’s going to be really, really devastating for a part of you that’s a little girl. So that’s acknowledging, that there’s going to be some really devastating experiences ,which i quote unquote negative but i am not going to put a spin on it. And then as i am with that i can also look at that same situation, half full and i can say and then you will be the leader of your family, you will be the only surviving child of this great lineage, as my father was when all his elders transitioned. And he was left to be the elder most of his family line and how he went through with nobility and what he did for the younger people. So you are going to be okay every day you will breathe, every day you will wake up and be grateful for whatever time you had with your father and it will be fascinating for you, to have a relationship to journey from darkness to light, from shadow to truth and truly be able to access him as the immortal self and not just the body, you teach about it Shunya, here is your way. So here is a situation, many people come to me and say you know the pending, the pending loss of a loved one or a coveted job or a love relationship that seems to be on the rocks right now, is really making them lose their sleep and they are either filling up their brain with positive thoughts or choking on their negative self thoughts. And neither i believe is necessary because our ability to look at things as they are, is most important and when we are able to face the fear, the darkness, the loss, the betrayal and be with it, sit with it; gradually the knowledge of what is beautiful, even in that apparent ugliness gets revealed to us.

And this is the beauty of organic thinking, centered thinking, thinking that is based upon the perception of reality. Because when we are able to perceive the allness of the circumstance, the totality, the complete glass with its half fullness and half emptiness. And we don’t have to push one or the other state of theirs away from us then, we win that totality we can exercise choice. Because now our choice is not biased or prejudiced. It is not a choice that we have to make, in order to continue, to convince ourselves, that everything is bad and i am a victim or everything is always going to be good and i am invincible. We don’t have to do either, we can make a choice based upon what is presenting itself to us, we can look at what would be the potential consequences of our actions and we can then reappraise within ourselves, how to respond in such a way that we can step into, shall i say a greater presence. You can respond from self rather than the shadow. The situation of my father’s imminent transition from his body, activates a series of responses within me, but when i accept it, as it is i get connected with the whole cosmos, i get connected with the fact that, everything that’s living has to go through this transition including me or my child and my parent for me and the bird for its little bridling and the mamma butterfly for the baby butterfly, we, i get to participate in what is and that easiness is god. That easiness is the truth.

This reappraisal allows me to experience compassion for the part of me the little girl, that will grieve and at the same time this reappraisal of the totality of the reality of the situation, allows me to experience understanding, knowledge, enlightenment. So there is again vulnerability and enlightenment and i always bring these words together. Enlightened vulnerability becomes a possibility when we approach life situations through the lens of reality thoughts, organic thoughts, truthful thoughts, rather than the bandwagon of self deception. And negative thinking becoming a victim again and again always feeling rage and hurt; you know, if that’s what cluttering your mind, then use Pratipaksh Bhawana. Pratipaksh Bhawana to slow the change the content of your mind, to slightly more positive direction. And if you are always putting a positive spin on everything because, you are so afraid of dealing with anything negative or even accepting the negative as negative then, you are slowly need to think the opposite. Let me give you another example, you may also have, but i have met many people who are always propelling themselves forward by positive thinking, such as when life hands you a lemon make lemonade, now there’s nothing wrong as such with this statement and there is a time and place to use it. Especially if somebody is demotivated they are already filled with negativity. So then we give them this statement to say, here is how to think positively, so we bring them into balance. But if you already have a tendency to overly think positive thoughts, and then it may be that you don’t need to be making lemonade right now.

Maybe you need to be going through the pangs of suffering and failure and feeling your grieve ,looking at why you have arrived at this point, maybe you are not meant to jump from business to business, you know making lemonade. If rocks are what are in your hand you can’t squeeze them and bring out lemon, maybe you need to feel the texture of that rock for a while. So i am not prescribing sitting there in foetus position crying, all i am saying is that if life has brought you to that corner where you are experiencing loss disappointment, you might want to give it some time and not necessarily put a positive spin on it. So many people fast forward their grieving process; they skip the learning that happens through the grieving process. Because the grieve has been caused either by others and we didn’t have healthy boundaries, healthy understanding, healthy discernment, we didn’t made choices well, we placed our confidence in people who were truly immature unworthy of our confidence or we are grieving because we ourselves did not clarify our values, did not walk with dharma, did not uphold our own truth. And this grieving that has occurred is not just a fog, it is emerging from the womb of some ignorance, spiritual ignorance. And sometimes when we are there and life is repeatedly putting us back there, for example, i remember this person, who kept trying to be, i think, if i remember correctly this person was trying to launch himself as a lead singer in a band and i remember this person, was not necessarily finding success in their path. But every time they went to their counsellor or mentor or some such person they would come back filled with yet more positivity to go down that route. And for many years, it was only them and their positive mind that continued to feel their journey, until that person, one day, ultimately succumbed to the negativity that they were pushing down, to try to commit suicide.

What happened to all that positive thinking, then what happened to all that lemon making and lemonade then. If i would have been their counsellor or mentor i would have said let’s look at why, what’s your attachment to being, you know a famous band singer. What’s your attachment to necessarily succeeding in this one field, what do you want? Is it fame, is it the relentless expectation that somehow, whatever is your desire must be fulfilled by this planet. In some of those more false theories we need to talk, about the law of attraction like you can just attract anything by thinking about it. If that was the case, then nobody, the poor people in this world who are hungry and all they think about is food, believe me nonstop. But food doesn’t automatically manifest on their plates, they often go to bed hungry. So there are many false teachings unfortunately, pop teachings, superficial teachings. The person could never really evaluate, if it was their shadow trying to succeed and what does the self really want and what potential does the self have? So after they are almost, almost checked out from despair, i came across this person because this person was their friend or relative, someone said hey Shunya can you talk to this person, and gradually this person became my student and i have their permission to talk to you right now because i am not taking any names. But ultimately this person, found great solace in teaching music to children in a school. While they were teaching music, this person found there, a person with whom he could connect with from the heart, they settled down, had kids, have a beautiful home in the country now, music continues to be the centre of this person’s life. But now when i meet this person, they shared how much, how much those, this dream, that you got a dream this, and then fill this , with all this positive thinking somehow just help making them try to fit square pegs in round holes. When all this time they could have taken this, this music, this divine inspiration, this mother Saraswati, Goddess Saraswati’s gift to them and plate out it other way. But positive thinking and these adages that are just thrown around, this factory of false affirmations and the law of attraction and just pushing yourself, do not ever give up because you are almost using your positive thinking like a tool or a key to unlock a lock in the universe, is seriously questionable.

So sometime bad things may not be so bad after all. For example, you may be locked out of your house one day, you shut the door of your apartment or something and itself, locked and you don’t have your keys. Forsake what a bummer, such a bad thing you needed to go in, you need to run in and use the rest room too or you are thirsty and you don’t want to be locked out. So finally in this desperation, you ring the door bell or you knock on your neighbour’s house. You have been neighbours for several years, but you have never ever connected, you have never apart from briefly nodding at each other really ever looked at each other in the eye. But now due to the bad stuff that had happened in your life, you knocked at this person’s door and you not only asked them if you could use their restroom or get a drink of water but then you also asked them, if you could use their phone. Whatever, whatever you needed in that moment because you were locked out and your phone and everything were in there. So you could call the apartment’s manager, have them come in, you know open the door for you. So in between you connected with these people who are generous, who were very kind to you in that moment. And who knows ten more years passed by and now this neighbour that, you met at that difficult moment has become your great friend.

They are with you through thick and thin, they are sitting with you in the hospital when you need help, they are there with you when you need some company on a lonely holiday, or you are taking walks together, you are biking together, you are laughing, and you have met more people through them. So how can we say that this is bad and this is good? Often bad things lead to good things and good thinks don’t necessarily lead to more good things. A good thing may be good in that moment for example; the case of the person who had a desire to make it big in the music industry had won a couple of awards being a young musician, at high school ecectra. So that was good in that moment. But that didn’t necessarily justify, all the survival pains and the scraping by that this person did as a result of that. So good things and bad things have to be taken in the moment and looked at in totality and a great tool to not get caught by either prism of goodness and badness, positivity and negativity is to apply this ancient Vedic tool of Pratipaksh Bhawana. So if you are having these really negative thoughts, about your boss or mother in law or your neighbour or your friend or your lover, you have all this spewing of negative energy, maybe it might be, you hear my podcast so you remember something i am telling you.

You could then apply this practice of opposite thinking that’s how i would translate Pratipaksh Bhawana, this ancient yogic practice. And try to think of one thing positive and when you can’t think of nothing you can at least think like, oh i love the way you know the sun touches them, i love the way air touches them, i love the way earth, mother earth is willing to hold them, they can’t be that evil, if the sun moon stars earth air everything is holding them. So this is the way, this is not about whether the person outside you is abjectly evil or abjectly fine. This is about your mind and do you want it abjectly coloured with negativity or abjectly kidnapped by positivity. Or do you want to be in this moment, in the reality and that is what is important and nothing else. And i would say that when you are harassed by negative thoughts, cultivate positive, hopeful, optimistic thoughts and true thoughts and when you are kidnapped by positive thoughts then cultivate, questioning thoughts, doubting thoughts. I remember this one time, when it happens to me a lot like my life is going so beautifully and so positively and people are surrounding me, thanking me i get emails, where people are thanking me i get messages, i have just you know beautiful things happening. So i have gone through phases of life and they were not like that. And now i am going through a life, where i find support and help and beauty and when i walk into my backyard its exploding with flowers, i have comfort in my life i have support of my partner in my life i have, you could say if i make a list of everything more things are going for me than not.

So then this is a very positive state of affairs but when i look at that they do my due diligence and i say something make well everything changes. The people i am relying upon today may pass or move on a changed direction or change their mind and their opinion about me. Today the seasons are beautiful and roses in my garden are blooming, tomorrow we can have seasonal affliction, not just the roses, our crop will get diseased. So when i do that i stay in the mirror, i don’t get too comfortable nor do i get arrogant about what’s working in my life. I don’t over depend upon the people in my life. It’s nice, that they are currently all surrounding me, tomorrow for their own valid reason, they may not be able to, and will I then just become a victim? Life is a relentless change and the more we can be realistic about it in our thinking process, organic about it ,the more we can truly become triumphant and without needing to give a label to our experiences and getting stuck in certain prisms.

We need not do that and just like a civil engineer would survey the landscape, before they would build a bridge or a road or a hotel. In the same way we need to survey the landscape of our thoughts, it’s not at all a bad idea and see if you tend to like get all wound up. I remember this case of someone, a person they were like fuming with anger and rage and a couple of years ago, they had divorced their partner and it all began when the partner’s parents visited, and said that the rice was not well cooked or the potato was undercooked, i don’t remember exactly but a casual comment was passed by one of the in laws around something being less cooked and this triggered the person saying how can they do that. I took leave from my work and i cooked for them, i laid out this whole feast and instead of complimenting me they picked up this one grain of rice or potato or cauliflower, i don’t know, but they shamed me, they humiliated me and okay i am not denying that i think i was very mean they picked up what was undercooked and point that out.

But you know that this person built and built and built this whole scenario to the point, where they couldn’t live with their own self. So they not only broke up their relationship, their child suffered. And it grew and grew and grew to the point where the person is now taking anti depressants. Being divorced is not enough, it doesn’t brought peace of mind and what happened several years ago still remains on the surface of the mind. And they are full of negativity, they couldn’t think one positive thought and they ask me what would you do? What would you do? I would just sit back and think, this person whom i am feeding this rice uncooked or undercooked, i don’t know i am feeding them from my generosity. But obviously they don’t have a generous spirit or they are crude or they are just taking you for granted and they think you are their daughter and they are just telling you hey the rice remained undercooked.

I don’t know, but the point is did you have to build all this up? Because, now this person regrets losing their family. And asking the partner to take a stand, go tell your parents this is unacceptable. Yeah, so if this was a continued pattern, you know if i have people who continue to humiliate me or take advantage of me. I can breathe and i can make a choice of not cooking for them the next time or taking them out or telling them later you know what, when i put in so much effort, you know it hurts me when you do that. What i don’t have to do is to get filled with so much victimhood, that i hurt my own self, that’s what i am trying to say to you. Bad things will come and go good opportunities will come and go; you simply have to be able to look at it and use the practice of opposite thoughts. So that your mind doesn’t get alert by fear from negativity and excess hope, excess false positivity, false giddying sense of everything is going to be okay, am invisible by what’s happening in a good way. And you remain on your own true solid spiritual feet grounded in reality. It is the shadow that gets hijacked, when its hijacked by negativity, it loses its opportunity to enjoy life, to find worthy people, cultivate good relationship because it is always fearful and when one is over coloured with positivity, one almost is living like with their head buried in the sand, they are refusing to look at a potential situation that may be painful and we have to go through it.

Negativity leads to positivity and positivity leads to negativity it’s a cycle, it’s a circle it’s not linear process. And in my podcast i like to talk about these things, because i don’t really want to make my podcast about, now let’s think of making lemonades when life gives us lemons. I mean, i can understand that i may use it, i may say this exact thing, if i find someone lamenting, but i won’t make it a universal teaching because true teachings are always based on the situation and the state of the mind. Because somebody can get too attached to making lemonade and that would not be the healthiest thing to do. What do you think?

So i would like to stop here and remind you that my book Sovereign Self is now available for pre order. You can find it on Amazon and if you not read my previous book Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom, which was a number one best seller in Ayurveda for i don’t know for how many weeks. And became the top ten books in alternative medicine, this might be a time to grab that too. Everywhere you shall find this best overall direction in my teaching, which wants to point you to your true self and you don’t know this yet but your true self has the capacity to deal with sorrow. If sorrow has come to you, you have that capacity to transcend it and you find some hidden gems in it. Similarly, you don’t have to fight for happiness.

Happiness is your birth right, it is said that Anand or Joy is your true nature. So you don’t have to put your brain in a spin to be happy to be positive. Being more in an observant state, when difficulties come your way, remember, there is some hidden positive gift here. And when positive things come your way, be careful, because in case you get entitled or attached or comfortable; there might be some hidden teaching there and it might be painful. So either way if you live more in a totality state of being more in an organic state, versus an artificial state, the more you will be equipped to go through life as self and then scary things or beautiful things, both can come to you. Your shadow need not dance a strange dance you know, jump up and down with joy when fun things come and hide behind the couch when bad things come. You can just be with it, being itself is a great tool and constantly question the content of your mind. If in pertaining to a certain situation, person or circumstance, it is overly coloured positivity or negativity you will benefit from bringing it back by thinking some opposite thoughts, creating a contrast and then bringing it to reality.

Alright, so with this i am ending the episode and i will talk to you next time, about how we can continue to think really intelligently and organically and connected with reality ,when we know about the concept of Purusharthas or the four goals of life according to the Vedas which is found in the teachings of Ayurveda also. There are four macro goals for all of humanity known as Dharm, arth, Kaam, moksh. And when we are aware of this knowledge ,then in the pursuit of our life goals we can look at our thoughts and see if they are getting equally balanced between the four goals or not. So we don’t want to neglect one goal over another. For example Dharm means choosing higher consciousness in everything we do or say, Arth means making sure that we are materially secure, Kaam means we are having fun, we don’t forget to have fun and Moksh means we continue to remember that we are the true self and we always seek the freedom of our spiritual being. A lot of us get too caught up by one thing or the other, we might get too caught up by our spiritual journey and forget to have fun or we may have too much fun and forget to you know even get started on our spiritual journey to ultimate freedom. And of course for everything that i am talking about and to learn more you can always visit my website acharyashunya.com. Until next time, this is Acharya Shunya i am walking with you on this journey from shadow to self, lots of Love.

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