Say Goodbye to

Spring Allergies with Ayurveda

Self-Paced Online Course

Finally be free of spring allergies! In this 5-session online course, Acharya Shunya shares practical solutions to prevent and manage persistent spring allergies. Enroll Now

Say Goodbye to Spring Allergies with Ayurveda: Holistic Solutions with Acharya Shunya

Discover the root cause of your spring allergies and address it using 100% classical and authentic Ayurvedic wisdom! 

Millions of people around the world suffer from spring allergies, and many turn to pharmaceuticals that have been shown to destroy the mind and may have long-term side effects that we aren't even aware of yet.

The 5000-year-old Indian science of Ayurveda provides literally thousands of holistic recommendations to fight allergies - and not just herbs! There are tons of anti-allergy foods, and an entire anti-allergy lifestyle that is waiting for you.

The Five-Session Spring Allergies Course includes:

  •  Keepsake Edition 36-page Say Goodbye to Spring Allergies with Ayurveda eBook featuring 30+ Ayurvedic anti-allergy recipes from Chef Sanjai based off of 100% classical Ayurveda (recipes are from his forthcoming cookbook)

  • 5 video classes led by best-selling author Acharya Shunya that provide you with a complete solution to banishing allergies for good

  • 5 downloadable PDF presentations as supporting course material

  • 24-hour access to watch the classes at your convenience


Change your life and free yourself from the constant sneezing, itchiness, and sensitivity using natural, holistic solutions from ancient Ayurveda! 

Say Goodbye to Spring Allergies Course by

Acharya Shunya

$199.00 [introductory offer]

Learn natural defenses against spring allergies from Acharya Shunya and gain access to the Keepsake Edition eBook with over 30 anti-allergy recipes and lifestyle recommendations

sprig allergies with ayurveda

In this course, you'll:

  • understand the 3 universal causes of allergies

  • implement 3 universal Ayurvedic solutions to allergies

  • learn the role of the 5 elements & 3 doshas and how they relate to allergies

  • understand how agni (digestive fire) is linked to allergies

  • receive the specific do's and don'ts to stop allergies

  • learn how to improve your immune system's response to pollen

  • get access to spice-based home remedies and SOS formulas

  • discover mental and spiritual aids to overcome allergies

This course is for:

  • anyone who struggles with persistent seasonal allergies 

  • anyone against pharmaceuticals looking for a safe, 100% natural, and affordable option to conquer their allergies

  • anyone who wants to strengthen their immunity for the year

  • anyone who often has itching in their mouth and throat

  • anyone who wants to learn how to use Ayurvedic at-home remedies to enhance their lives

You will walk away from this course:

  • infused with the wisdom of Ayurveda and empowered to make easy changes to finally be free of allergies

  • with 30+ unique and easy Ayurvedic anti-allergy recipes to try and share with your family

  • with in-depth knowledge of the many practical and truly transformational lifestyle shifts you can make to align with the natural rhythms of Mother Nature

  • with indefinite access to the course materials, so you can return whenever you want to make the recipes or need an important reminder

Your Instructor

Acharya Shunya

Acharya Shunya is a globally-recognized spiritual teacher and Vedic lineage-holder who awakens health and consciousness through the Vedic sciences of Ayurveda, Vedanta and Yoga. She is the driving force behind an online wisdom school and worldwide spiritual community, and the author of best-selling book on the Vedic art of min​d​ + body + soul well-being and health, Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom (Sounds True, 2017) and forthcoming second book with Sounds True to be released in 2020, Sovereign Self. Acharya Shunya is a keynote speaker at national and international conferences, and serves as an advisor to the Indian Government in matters pertaining to global integration and cultivation of Ayurveda and Yoga. Receive her free online teachings and browse her current eCourse offerings here or see more about her on Facebook and follow her on Instagram. Subscribe to her YouTube Channel where she holds live Global Satsangs once per month.

Recipes by Chef Sanjai

Acharya Shunya's life partner, Chef Sanjai has resurrected forgotten yet seasonally pertinent, healing and delicious ancient recipes and developed original recipes too, inspired by ancient Ayurvedic texts from 1 BCE to 16 CE.


Together, for the last 12 years, they have been the driving force behind the awarded Ayurveda course, Alchemy through Ayurveda with its emphasis upon health through in depth knowledge of healing foods, spices and recipes.


Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom (Sounds True, 2017) highlights Chef Sanjai's top 30 recipes for everyday health, spring detox, overcoming indigestion, etc. They have also recorded a unique series of classes together available in the Ayurveda Ancestral Herbal Library course. In these classes, they share rare, lineage-based Ayurvedic recipes for handcrafting health with the power of Ayurvedic superfoods, spices, herbs and garden flowers. They are now co-authoring an Ayurvedic Cookbook.

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