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Mystical Poetry and the Awakened Heart at Vedika Global


April 20, 2017  |  6:30 - 8:30 pm - Presentation

8:30pm - 9:00pm - Book Signing by Yogacharya O'Brian

Vedika Global Emeryville, CA

This Event  is Open to the Public, Children 15 and Older Please.

Arrive Between 6:15 & 6:30pm as Event will begin Sharply at 6:30pm.

Parking is on the Road.

Please RSVP Below If You Will Be Attending

The Moon Reminded Me: 
Mystical Poetry and the Awakened Heart

An Evening with Acharya Shunya and Yogacharya O'Brian 

featuring heartfelt conversations on Bhakti and the Hidden sweetness and poetry reading by Yogacharya 

from her latest award wining poetry collection,

 "The Moon Reminded Me" 

(2017. Homebound Publications)

Poetry says what the mind can only glimpse but the heart knows full well. It is the ancient language of the soul spoken by all mystic bards of Bhakti, the yoga of devotion calling us to awaken to divine Love. Through the ages, poetry persists as the soul insists on revealing itself again and again. Yogacharya ellen O'Brian’s reading from her new award-winning collection of poems invites the mind to sink into the heart of divine remembrance.


Experience what New York Times Bestselling Author Khaled Hosseini describes as “From one poem to the next, O’Brian’s lens shrinks and widens without effort, to exhilarating, near vertiginous effect. Her images flit from the ordinary to the timeless, from the foam of a wave absorbed by sand, to the ancient longing of humans for the Eternal. Above all, she is aware, on every page, and beautifully, to the immovable presence of Love in the universe.”

Come—listen, meditate, remember what matters most, who you really are.