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Positive Thinking Cannot Solve All Your Problems (Part 1)


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Hello friends, welcome to the fourth episode of my podcast Shadow to self. Today I want to talk to you about our thoughts and how our thoughts become that portal, that lead us either towards shadow where pain awaits us, doubt awaits us, disempowerment awaits us, all towards our true self, but we can truly touch something divine within us, experience joy despite life’s curve balls and experience a special kind of power, not the power that makes us conceded but the power that makes us compassionate, the power that makes us realise that we are here as representatives of a greater power, a higher presence and that we are here not to suffer and to give suffering, not to abuse and to give abuse, not to experience powerlessness, sounds pity and victimhood or to impose it on another but to truly experience our divine expansiveness and those kind of thoughts are special thoughts, these thoughts are related to our true self and i have already mentioned to you in prior episodes that the true self has a unique word in Sanskrit, in the Vedic literature known as ATMA and Atma literally means that which is boundless within you, limitless amazingly ,infinitely creative, joyful, a kind of light that doesn’t require anything else to light it up, it is the source of all light.

That Atma has another name in Sanskrit known as Satyam and satayam comes from the root word SAT and sat is that which is real, which is eternal, which is changeless despite all the changes happening in the body, in your thoughts, in the world around you, in your relationships, there is something that’s constant, a constant witness perhaps of all this change and to witness what is changing you yourself have to be an unchanging presence and that is YOU. So therefore you are that satyam, another word for satyam is truth, you are that truth and you can have thoughts that lead you towards this truth and you can have thoughts that lead you away from that truth, that means it brings our thoughts to the centre stage of this journey that we want to make from shadow to self. Welcome everybody, let’s make it happen!! Let's get more knowledgeable about our thoughts and in this and a couple of more episodes coming up I am going to be telling you all about thoughts and why it may not be enough to simply think positive thoughts. I know it's become this big deal. Think positive, think positive, it’s going to solve all your problems or I want to talk about why positive thinking alone cannot solve all your problems? In fact, we may not want to think positive thoughts or negative thoughts.

We may want to think reality thoughts, truth thoughts, satyam thoughts; thoughts that enlighten us as to what’s really going on? And what is transient here, in a given situation and what is eternal? And this journey alone is worth investigating because it is in the realm of our thoughts and nowhere else that we get lost and it is in the realm of our thoughts that we have an option to find our own self. It is in thoughts that we become weak, depressed, dejected and we conclude that we are unwanted and that we are a burden on earth, nobody likes, nobody wants us, we may even slash our wrists, uh! Is it worth it? So how about we learn how to have thoughts, not just positive thoughts, they have a role to play, definitely, if you are thinking way too many negative thoughts we may want think some positive thoughts but how about we think reality thoughts, Vedic thoughts and what i would like to term as truth thoughts, Satyam thoughts so that we can find a way back to our own self. We can find peace within. Would you like to take that journey with me? Then come on along...

Hello again, if you have not met me before i am as you know Acharya Shunya, i am a teacher of the non dual wisdom of the Vedas. I also love to teach and live the Vedic sciences of yoga and ayurveda. I have a lineage that has blessed me with this knowledge and then i have my own internal heritage ,my own journey, that i have completed that i feel has made me so fulfilled, so blessed and so supported from within that i can on this podcast, simply put aside all scripts, close my eyes and talk to you and then whatever flows from my heart i know is going to help you because one of the ways that i bring this knowledge in the 21st century as the first feminine leader of my lineage and as one of those rare female leaders, spiritual teachers, who bring their own journeys, their own vulnerabilities, to the forefront to show that human teachers are not separate or made of something special.

We are just the same people ,we just know how to make that journey from overly positive and overly negative thoughts that can possibly create unrealistic scenarios, to more realistic thoughts and go down the journey of truth, towards light and towards what is. Therefore, i would just like to say this that ,if you have began to listen to my podcast, if you are already following each episode, then let’s roll up our sleeves because this and the next couple of episodes you are going to get really deep and you are going to know i believe really going to help you to take stock of your own mind because there is no right way to think or wrong way to think. There is just one way to think ,and that thinking is that we don’t tamper with the truth in any direction. We don’t mask it with too much positivity nor do we hide it from dealing with negativity. Bottom line, we don’t think or say to ourselves anything that requires us to pretend to ourselves, isn’t that special!! Why should our thoughts require artificial coloring or additives just like we want to eat organic food? Can we dare to think organic thoughts!! Do we have to dress them up just because the reality thats in front of us are too tough to deal with? I understand that there are times when the reality in front of us is hard to swallow, but instead of putting a positive spin on them which is taught so ubiquitously why not break it down with a filter of reality organically and then consume it bite by bite, so that, that incomprehensibly tragic or difficult, insurmountable difficulty becomes more, palatable to swallow, digest, metabolize and convert into something into better and beautiful bite by bite.

If you agree to what i am saying, then, just close your eyes wherever you are and if you can’t close your eyes, then at least become aware of your body and become aware of another reality another truth that’s bearing upon you all the time, its gravity, let your body be supported by gravity whether you are sitting, lying down or standing; even if you are working your hands are moving maybe you are chopping vegetables, maybe you are typing while you are listening to me, maybe you are walking your dog and you have a leash in your hands, be aware of this gentle movement downwards where earth, mother earth is actually supporting you and as you relax into this, just let your mind also relax into the real existence of the mother earth and become essentially ready for this. I am not going to no longer lie to myself. There is no reason to put a positive spin on anything. I am going to allow what is to become present in my mind, and then with this easiness i am going to look for a color of truth in it, even if it is negative because in that negative color of truth something that's hard to digest right now is going to become the door through which i will pass through and find something beautiful and worthy for my soul. I can do this and relax into the easiness(unclear), i could totally you know deny where i am right now but instead beyond the opposites of negative and positive lies truth. This is where true potential creativity lies; the ultimate journey lies in accepting this easiness(unclear) and I am going to develop a whole new relationship with this.

I hope through this quiet more experiential connection with easiness you are feeling more ready to receive my teachings on organic thinking, not positive thinking not necessarily negative thinking. I invite you into not taking sides, to see this is what our shadow does, the shadow, i have described in my previous episode the Sanskrit word is jeeva, it is made up of things that are not permanent like our thoughts, like our feelings, even our body keeps changing, and so we don’t really know if we are young or old, everything keeps changing. Are we distressed in our mind or are we joyful? So this constant changing persona which is the ego in English but it is known as jeeva in Sanskrit is what i am calling the shadow; and what the shadow likes to do is that first and foremost instead of dealing with the easiness of the situation, the first thing it does is it likes to take sides. So what does that mean? If you find when you are faced with an obstacle or difficulty or a situation, maybe you know you are bossy all that, maybe a friend said something you didn’t like, maybe an unexpected situation arose in your workplace or in your neighborhood or in your intimate relationship that you don’t really like. Our shadow our ego self likes to take a side, and the side would be either it’s all bad scenario or its all good scenario. We definitely don’t have a meeting ground, so you know whatever is happening we like to put it in the black or white container of our life. If it is a white container in our life, we are fine, then we don’t think too much about it, because the shadow doesn’t like to really dwell upon what’s working for itself, okay. It likes to dwell upon what’s not working and typically say we were to drop something in the dark container, in the container which is for us according to us all bad, it is going to be then all bad for us. And we don’t remain open to any suggestions thereafter. And after we have done this we have taken sides, what does the shadow do? The shadow then begins to filter, so what does it do; it tends to think one negative thought after another, even if say, someone like myself were to introduce a positive thought or a friend were to introduce a positive thought or say you came across a movie or a book that introduce a positive thought, it will say yeah yeah yeah, but then it would again filter back and go back to the lump of negative thoughts.

So it just filters out the positive thoughts, so it tends to want to create its own collection, a designer collection of well censored out negativity, that’s what it does, okay. Then after taking sides then filtering out all the positive and holding on to the negative then what does the shadow do? Well the jeeva then likes to magnify the situation. If i have sixty bits and bytes of negative thoughts i am going to turn them within the privacy of my own mind into sixty billion bits and bytes of negativity. This is magnification, this is; we are capable of magnifying joy, we are capable of magnifying health, we are capable of magnifying unconditional love, we are capable of magnifying our light, we are capable of magnifying our ability to write poetry, write amazing books, have break through communications. But what do we do? We magnify what’s not working for us. We take that one thought and we magnify it a trillion times. Say you’ve had a great day and you have had beautiful conversations, a healthy eating you know, you made plans to eat well and you ate well, you didn’t break your own rules, you had a beautiful walk in nature, you heard some good news from your family, you had a friend who said you are doing well. But then there was that one email, where there were a few words said that didn’t sit with you, and we magnify it to the points where that’s what fills us up. Welcome to the shadow factory of negativity. Alright!! Then after it has taken sides, filtered out what’s positive, magnified what’s negative here’s what the shadow does; here’s what each one of us does. Shadow identifies it, personalizes it, makes it all about you, you, you, you there is that constant stringing of everything that’s not happening okay, in your mind with you and you take stuff from your past, you take evidence from your present, you take some projections in your future and you become this suffering being in the middle of it and even if there is a tsunami going on which is effecting couple of million people, even if there’s a pandemic going on that could be affecting a whole bunch of people, but it really all collapses back to you. And then finally the shadow is ready. It has broadened all the elements it needs to predict doom and gloom. It catastrophizes your entire life. It creates a sense of calamity, urgency all those close to me scenario. You are always anticipating the worst, even if you get opportunities, you can’t see through them, wisdom comes your way and you reject it, a teacher may be staring into your eyes and you doubt them or your friend may lend you a helping hand and you may be suspicious. Because you have already decided that, I am going to be suffering and you ensure that all through the agency of up colored mind thanks to the shadow and this is thanks to negative thinking. So this is my own spin on negative thinking and there are many spins of negative thinking but i felt like these are some of the landmark convolution or waves that arise in our chitta or in our consciousness when it’s colored negative. Now, therefore, a whole bandwagon of teaching has manifested which is brilliant but I am not sure if it’s any more real than negative thinking. Just like negative thinking is a dark deluge in the ocean of your mind.

We have this bright sunny colorful deluge of positive thinking in our mind and i am not sure if it is any real because then instead of taking, the shadow taking the side towards things being all bad the shadow started taking the side of something being all good. And even if the shadow is suffering from incest or sheer disrespect at work, discrimination for racial reasons, or sexual reasons or any other reason; we started being okay with it because we have the shadow filters on that you know what i am just going to find what is positive in this. So we overly started sugar coating even something that should not be sugar coated, it was like we were drinking high fructose corn syrup and saying after all it’s all made by god, so it’s fine you know; in a way drowning ourselves in n cups of coffee and we were saying well you know coffee is, actually i have heard that you know, bitter taste in ayurveda is an antitoxin, and so you picture something really positive in the whole bunch of what’s not okay with something ,and you find some better reason to justify it. That’s the shadow filter for a positive thought and then of course the shadow magnifies it and you see the really good and all the positivity in, people are not being fair with you, you are not being treated right, you have somebody physically, emotionally, psychologically, sexually abusing you and you are finding some positive spin to say, you know after all here she is very nice to me and they take me out, you know to expensive restaurants or they did gift me you know a ring with a big diamond on my anniversary, as if it justifies everything else, like you needed to take a hard look on your relationship, or your job choice or you know your business partner who was making underhand dealings and not checking in with you. But you don’t because you have a positive spin and you are taking sides and you are applying filters and you are magnifying it to the point where, you know maybe a counsellor or a psychologist or even somebody in law are telling you, you are not making smart choices and you are, you know what i know better.

This is the problem with extreme negative thinking or positive thinking and I am wondering if you know my podcasts are helping you to say oh! My god, so this is not, i am not sharing all this for us to say oh! Man we were so crazy no because that's our universal heritage right? Spoken in my previous episodes about how Maya which is like a universal spell takes over our human minds and makes us invest in the shadow, and the shadow is a mere drop whereas your true self is an ocean. The shadow is a mere candle compared to a whole sun which is yourself, so how can your shadow really know, and that is why i am happy to have this podcast; and i am happy that i myself is informed by my teacher and by amazing transmitive Vedic teachings systematically which like broke it down for me to say you know what you don’t want to sugar coat or you know, or make everything too bitter or too sweet in your life. Just see what it is! That is self is known as VIVEKAH, the ability to see something what it is, that is itself is a spiritual, you know achievement you don’t have to have a halo, you don’t have to have a special light coming out of you, you don’t have to able to talk to angels and gods or fly to prove your spirituality. But can you call a wreck a wreck? Perhaps amazing it is such a grounding spirituality, and you know i don’t find it what are people talking about it, you know it is all about chakras and mantras, and you know and light going up and down and then something flowering here and blossoming there and all that is fine and nice, but at end of the day i wonder if that’s another positive spin to your spiritual journey, and despite all your chakras you know being fixed and moved to the right directions and color coded with the right yantras are we really leading our life from truth? That’s the question!!

So after we have magnified the positive spin we can make it all about our self and become over conceded and think we are so lucky and we got it together and you know we may not be very realistic, we might take risky decisions because we think everything is going to work out, we don’t really go in there and do due diligence with our projects or investigate the agreements in our relationships because we put a positive spin on them, everything will work out! It always does and it’s all going to be okay and that is how it is. It just goes that way when we are misidentified too much with positivity. And then the shadow predicts happy ever after; when the negative mind predicts doom and gloom, the overly positive mind predicts happy ever after and both kinds of mental scenarios are not ready and not equipped to deal with reality. It is and when they are faced with what they were not expecting, they totally don’t know what to do with that and that’s why i want to say to you that both positive thinking over bright version of reality and negative thinking a very depressed, lopsided, sad version of reality is not where we want to add in our journey from shadow to self. We want unadulterated, minimally processed, minimally tampered with thoughts and meditation really helps with that, but if you are not used to thinking like that; hey what are my organic thoughts? What are my reality thoughts? What are my satyam or truth thoughts? What are my self thoughts? Then what’s going to happen is that even in meditation, we can start seeing all kinds of lights and create angelic experiences, so you know, watch out is just meditation alone without a context, may just be a mechanism that doesn’t really do it because in the past whether it was Lord Buddha, whether it was Shankaracharya any teacher, many of these esteemed traditions coming out of India, they always provided a lot of context. But how many people do you hear who say, I am sitting with the wisdom teachings of the Buddha, I am really looking at my thoughts and I am investigating how real they are. A lot of people are just doing the Buddhist meditation; I do the Buddha twenty minutes a day, twice a day, right, I do the Vedic meditation. But the kind of meditational journey that teachers like myself invite listeners like your cell phone is a 24 x 7 journey.

Meditation is really like an invitation to meet your own true self and the only doorway to meet that self is through that mind of yours and is that mind and is that doorway and in that mind there is a lot going on, you want to make sure it’s not that overly positive and overly negative. That’s why I am very wary about all the positive teachings going out there. And that’s why my podcast may not be just the feel good, you can do this, no matter if you can get up in the morning and not even make your own bed, you can definitely make a million dollars ,if you chant this mantra, if you manifest this, if you think this way, you know just think of a Mercedes and you are going to manifest a Mercedes because that’s how positive thinking works, i am sorry, i am not going to do that. I have met way too many people whose hearts were broken with these kinds of teachings, I have wiped away too many tears. People felt it failed, their positive thinking had failed and I have had to remind people again and again; who were, who were broken into shambles by their own negative thoughts that they have more to them. They have not failed, their negative thoughts are making them think they failed. And it has been worth bringing these people back to ground zero, to reality. But it has happened every single time. Students who have for any reason hung around me and listening to me ultimately realize that they don’t have to believe the first thoughts that they are getting, and let’s, let’s talk about the opposites right like; for example when we have a way too much positive thinking going on, putting up a positive spin on everything, using positive affirmations to attract what we want etcetera etcetera.

Can we talk about why facing reality even if it is a bit difficult may be okay, maybe i don’t have a Mercedes, maybe i will never have a Mercedes actually a confession to everyone here i don’t drive a Mercedes and i probably may not own a Mercedes because my mind doesn’t go there, if i have that kind of money will be probably doing more philanthropy that’s my kind of interest. I am not judging someone who has a Mercedes, i am just saying i don’t have a Mercedes, and i might choose to enjoy a Mercedes, if someone gives me a respectful ride in it, but i don’t necessarily have to own it, and if i am gifted one i don’t have to push it away. The thing is when you are in the middle ground you don’t have to make something’s presence or absence headlines. But that’s what we do. And the reason positive thinking got so popular especially in the west was because I found that we just didn’t want to have to deal with discomfort in life. So when you come from a country like India, where there is a lot of spiritual richness but material poverty. You do see how people don’t have this desire for a positive spin on everything, so i am not trying to say that Indians are better and westerners are not, because you know i can’t even go there, that’s not even true, that’s just crazy thinking, biased thinking. Well, all i am trying to say is that i have found amazing strengths in the western world and some amazing strengths in the eastern world. What I found in many cultures in the east , not just India, I have travelled through Thailand, Cambodia, so many countries where there is not so much comfort; and not so much certainty in achieving comfort, not even necessarily a future, not even, not only necessarily something called a plan of life. I found that the people there were just a little more okay with whatever was. But sometimes when we are used to thinking that we can just make this plan and every ten years we can be sure to arrive, arriving, there is something that is not normal or right with this picture because it’s going to surely let us down and then that creates physiological sorrow.

So I see a lot more people emotionally suffering in the west, despite having everything going for them. The roads are working, the water is flowing, and you know the air is not polluted but there is a lot of suffering why? Because we decided, that we are going to have a positive life, and we are going to meet all our goals positively and then we are going to use our mind to positively think and we are going to find teachers who are going to tell us how to use the positive formula and positive plus positive plus positive is going to be all positive and somehow you will tell yourselves that negative doesn’t exist. But then BAM !! Aging happens, death occurs, betrayal happens and people stab us in the back. This is human nature east or west. We have to find it everywhere, humans are still evolving, and we are going to hurt each other. I don't know till when, till we understand, that we don’t need to hurt ourselves; then we will stop hurting each other. And to stop hurting ourselves we have to stop getting off, we have to stop being on this bandwagon of unreality or non reality shall we say and come to this beautiful ground zero and plant organic saplings of acceptance and willingness to face what is. We can instead of creating different interpretations or spins of the story of our life, we can create a much more dry, i am using the word dry, clean almost scientific; sorry to say these but non romanticized darker lights versions of reality. We have to do that in the beginning and that’s like number one reason why a lot of students might say oh! God Acharya Shunya is too dry. I am going to be told about my spiritual potential to change my life and convert it into this you know jazzy, special, glamorous journey, Sorry! ain’t happening; Yeah until we see through our own shadow and its insistence upon taking sides and either marking everything with doom and gloom or making everything look overly nice and positive and not being willing to look at what’s not okay.

We are still guarding the shadow and sometimes in the spiritual world too this shadow is so dominant, we have even created a whole industry of positive thinking, the positive you know teachings, positive affirmations, positive books and don’t get me wrong, i mean it’s really helpful and all teaches some positive things too, but not without a foundation of ensuring that we are also dealing with reality. AAH! i wanted to share with you this verse from the Bhagavad Gita, it is from chapter six, you wish you can just close your eyes and listen - Bhagwan wacha - so Krishna who is the teacher says – uddhare datmanaatmanam na atmanam awasadaye atmaye whahatmano banduhr atmaye wa ripu atmanah......... now this is a beautiful verse, and i just simply love it. So in this verse, Krishna saying that- hey! in your own mind in the theatre of your own mind try to lift yourself, try to raise yourself by your own self; what does it mean? Try to raise your shadow from where it is operating right now in my eye now hypnotic spell which is all divided up between you know between negative and positive, bad and good, success and failure; try to raise its consciousness, how? Through your own higher self, so raise the lower self by the higher self, raise the consciousness okay not physically raising but raising the consciousness, raising the comprehension, the awareness, the understanding. Neither abuse yourself ,you know from a negative perspective nor overly alleviate yourself, i am talking about the shadow here because those both are unreal. And when you do that when you choose more reality this verse is saying then the self is your friend so then your shadow is not your enemy but then its your friend because then it’s like the shadow and the self have become ONE; you see then your self is your friend. Then you can truly be an awaken being in your daily life as, mom, dad, banker ballerina doesn’t matter what you do, you are beginning to live in the middle understanding when you face negativity you are able to remember the positive, when you see a lot of positivity you remember that negativity is not far behind and so you keep looking inwards and try to find more spiritual ways of looking at things.

So you will neither get too depressed nor you will get too; you know in a Trans of over achievements and everything will be fine and crossing your fingers behind your back and wanting everything to work out. You know you would not be vulnerable in either way, okay. And the same self if you don’t, you know, if you don’t align it , if you don’t raise it to meet yourself , true self then your shadow self will become your ripu, ripu means it will become your foe, it will act like an enemy; why? Because your own evil will lead you down roads that you don’t want to go. I have met people who are prone to negative thinking as a result they don’t give themselves enough padding. They are unable to relax in their own skin, they are unable to believe that friendship, loyalty and good people exist because they have been hurt in the past so they have now projected a doom scenario that everybody will hurt them.

And so they remain; caught in not just past sorrow but even in present and future sorrows, because they are holding on to that in their negative mind. And i have met people who had an excessive tendency to think positively and they were always smiling and they were saying bright things and they were often convincing themselves that all is well but then they were really poor judge of character, they didn’t see what they needed to see, they couldn’t make realistic decisions that could support them in the future. And you know they would invest in relationships, professions, and businesses that they shouldn’t have because of these positive spin that they gave, they kept drinking high fructose corn syrup thinking that they are going to be healthy but they wouldn’t because you know you, you cannot grow cherries on cactus and you cannot do that, you cannot pretend your way into enlightenment or happiness or peace and you definitely cannot just do a cover job and so then the shadow itself becomes our enemy, we don’t need anybody else.

We take decisions that take us away. That is why in this beautiful verse Krishna teaches in Bhagavad Gita, Bhagavad Gita is a quintessential Vedic text, it is the essence of one hundred and eight Upanishadic texts . Upanishad is the creme de la crème . I don't know if i said it right, English is not my first language but it is the ultimate teachings of non dual wisdom of India. And if you are to summarize it in seven hundred verses or so that is the Bhagavad Gita. Well about six hundred and forty something because the other verses are spoken by the students in the form of asking a question. But if someone wants to go through these Bhagavaad Gita teachings they would really get informed about a journey to truth, a journey based on satyam. What is real? What is sustaining us despite negatives and positives coming our way? When a breath goes away from your being, go ahead and exhale yeah ummnnnh and when a breath enters your being .............. , then exhale again. There is that little gap between an outgoing breath and an incoming breath, for just a nano second there you have no breath in you but still you are alive. That means you are not alive because of the breath which is coming and going, you are alive because of that presence within you which is the deeper ocean of life and the breath is merely a superficial activity that’s happening. Therefore breath coming in and out is not the ultimate reality. The presence due to which the breath can play is what is the ultimate reality. That is why negative and positive thoughts are really only colors of your mind; but the true nature of the mind is beyond colors. And this is where we want to hang out, we want to know, we can enjoy colors, we can see them coming and going, but we don’t want it to be colored permanently. Because when we get colored permanently, we come into a stage of alienation from our truth and that’s not where we want to operate. I think i am leaving behind through this podcast several new ways of contemplating and how we want to proceed towards the self. We don’t want to hate our shadow or beat ourselves up for it because the shadow is universal.

The small thing to do is to understand it so we can debunk it. So that, we can then start operating as if from beyond the shadow. So next time you feel overly optimistic and overly pessimistic you want to wonder to yourself; Hey! Is this real? And maybe as you quieten down and take a few breaths and remember that I am the self i don’t have to necessarily get married to any one state of mind that alone may be enough. I hope you enjoyed my podcast. It’s definitely turning out for me to be a place where I can speak my heart ,share those deeper teachings that have transformed me and helped me journey from my shadow to self and has helped countless students worldwide, feel somewhere more authentic in their own relationships with themselves. In the next episode and more coming up we will keep talking about thoughts and we definitely want to get to the bottom line here, reach that place where anything is possible, but we are not bound by any one state of mind, negative or overly positive. And we definitely don’t want to get caught up in this spiritual, pop culture of repackaging everything in fake positivity.

So with those words that’s all for today. I am so appreciating your feedback and if you want to know a way to give feedback just go to my website and you will find a place from where you can communicate with me. I do get to read all your messages and sometimes i will respond to you in writing and more often than not i will be responding to your questions, right here on this podcast –Shadow to Self. Thank you so much, keep listening and I really appreciate the five star reviews you have started giving my podcast. It’s definitely a different podcast because I am daring to go different, go deeper and just speak and share and reveal to you my vulnerability, but then also the enlightenment that we cannot hold back ,once this knowledge becomes internalized in a way of our life. As I am feeling truly grounded with my organic thoughts today, I bless you. May you also enjoy your own organic true, beautiful and genuine authentic thoughts every day. Until next time, this is Acharya Shunya.

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