Master your thoughts and emotions

Choose the attitudes and beliefs that serve your soul

Find the path back to joy and freedom

The Sovereign Self Paradigm

A consciousness shifting online program that is the culmination of Acharya Shunya's decades of guiding modern seekers through their challenges, big and small, with the timeless wisdom of the Ancient Sciences

Reclaim Your Soul Power ~ Fulfill Your Soul Calling

Acharya Shunya Presents

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The Problem

Are your thoughts overwhelming you and causing you anxiety and stress? Do you feel overpowered by your day-to-day problems or circumstances? Are you your own critic? Do you betray your own  self?

The Solution

Your highest path – should you decide to walk it – is to reclaim the power and freedom of your soul to become the master of your mind, understand your authentic emotions, and begin living a life of joy and total sovereignty

The Path

In just 12 weeks, Acharya Shunya will guide you through a step-by-step process in building a toolbox of wisdom insights and soul awakening practices that will help you overcome your challenges and enjoy your empowered Self.


An Experience Like No Other

There’s a reason that the Vedas have given rise to several world religions, Advaita (nondual teachings), Yoga, and Ayurveda, and influenced Western thinkers from Emerson to Ram Dass. They provide us with a uniquely accessible and effective path to knowledge of our true Self, liberation, and sovereignty. However, authentic Vedic wisdom is rare, and many people go on a pilgrimage to India for several months to get a glimpse of it.

Join Acharya Shunya, a Vedic Master and Bestselling Author, and fellow seekers in this course where she will present classical and undiluted wisdom of the Vedas, while also demystifying and contextualizing these sacred concepts for modern life. With her undying commitment to transforming individuals' consciousness, she has incorporated innovations in online education that support the journey of the seeker, as they progress through and complete the course.

It will feel like being on an extended Spiritual Retreat but from the comfort of your own home where the demands of your everyday life become opportunities to integrate these teachings and practices in real time.

In our 12 weeks together, you will...

  • Meet and explore the nine dimensions of your Sovereign Self

  • Differentiate between conditional feelings and behavior and those that express your true Self

  • Identify the five layers of your body and the limiting beliefs and attachments they provoke

  • Use three simple steps to practice and maintain Sovereignty

  • Create your own personalized roadmap from the knowledge you've gained


These principles will help you...


  • Activate latent Soul power so that you can remember and follow your life purpose

  • Step out of self-defeating unconscious energy and create the life of your dreams through conscious choice

  • Outsmart your mind’s tendencies to create stress, anxieties and fears

  • Experience healthy detachment and embrace freedom as a way of life 

  • Witness your emotions, stop suppressing your feelings, and access your intuition

  • Actually manage your thoughts and make them work for you 

  • Truly live a life of purpose, joy and wellbeing with Dharma

  • Stop giving away your power and instead cultivate conscious response

  • Embody conscious communication and healthy boundaries to strengthen relationships 

 Your 12-week journey includes 

Live teachings from Acharya Shunya 
Integration exercises to make real-life shifts
Weekly live Q&A with an Acharya Shunya assistant teacher
Lifetime access to audio / video recordings
Private Vibrant community to
 support your

 Enrollment Gifts

“Joyful & Limitless” Mini Course to raise Self Awareness  ($99 Value)

Short series of video lectures, guided meditations and integration exercises to realize the expansiveness of who you really are deep inside. Experience for yourself how a few intentionally selected lifestyle practices can cause major shifts to the state of your mind and emotions and align ourselves with our deeper truth.  Release Date: Mid-Course


“Recipes to boost Soulfulness” Booklet ($29 Value)

This digital booklet includes Acharya Shunya’s top Ayurvedic recipes to calm the mind, nourish the body and soothe the emotions. Release date: Mid-Course


$100 Gift Certificate  ($100 Value)

As a reward for completing the course, receive and apply this coupon for enrollment in any other of Acharya Shunya’s courses within one year of Sovereign Self Paradigm course completion. Release date: upon course completion


“Reminders to your Soul” Email Series  ($59 Value)

A series of affirmations crafted by Acharya Shunya to sustain your memory of the Sovereign Self beyond the end of the course. Delivered by daily email, over the 30 days following the completion of the course. Release date: upon course completion

 Total Value of Enrollment Gifts: $287

 The next session begins August 29, 2021

One time payment
Two payments

10 Days Money Back Guarantee

We are very confident this program will be transformational.  However if you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your money in full if requested within 10 days from the start of the program. To qualify for the guarantee, we just ask that you attend the first two live on-line sessions with Acharya Shunya.


40+ Videos

Maria Kristic - with painting in background - Maria Kristic.png

Maria Kristic

New York, USA

"The simple and yet profound practices I gained from this course have enabled me to improve my attitude, cultivate gratitude, and remain centered, or more quickly return to balance, in challenging circumstances. I believe I am kinder to myself and to those around me, and I’ve come to appreciate a different perspective. The course has provided a method which I can apply to gain clarity in any situation. It has been a wonderful and worthwhile companion to the Sovereign Self Paradigm book, with its additional practices, supportive and uplifting community, and structure as a guided journey. Shunyaji’s discourses are powerful and profound, and Ishaniji’s assimilations are a great opportunity to receive clarification on important points and to apply the knowledge. Gaining this knowledge in the traditional way of (virtually) sitting near the teacher, then listening, contemplating, and applying, has a power which I have not experienced from reading only. I am now repeating the course so as to go on the journey again and re-receive this consciousness-shifting wisdom!


Marinella Asole

Rome, Italy

"The Sovereign Self Course has been a beautiful and profound journey into awakening awareness of who I truly am. It has provided me with simple yet powerful tools to help me navigate the "actor/material" world without getting lost in it.  These tools provide for healthy ways to invest in spiritual growth without having to renounce life. Being reminded that I am boundless, forever free and unblemished was the greatest gift ever received. This course changes your outlook on life 360 degrees and invites you to seek happiness from within. It's the best investment you could do for yourself. Acharya Shunya's teachings are profound, genuine and life changing. Being one of her students is a great privilege."

kristen pope headshot2_edited.jpg

Kristen Pope

Buffalo, New York, USA

"This is THE course of a lifetime! For many years I’d been a “seeker,” knowing there was something more: a more fulfilling way to live this life; to heal physically and mentally; to be a better mother, wife, human. I’d been following and informally learning from Acharya Shunya for a few years, and could feel in my bones the authenticity and power of what she was teaching. The invitation for this course was to “go deeper,” but I had no idea how completely transformative it would be- in just several weeks! I’ve become firmly grounded in the peace, power and limitless potential that lives within all of us. I’ve witnessed how when we find the light in ourselves, we automatically give a little light to everyone around us. Acharya Shunya and her team so skillfully weave together timeless wisdom into an easy-to-grasp progression of teachings, resources and practices that awaken, clarify and strengthen our inner wisdom. I’m not a seeker anymore. I’ve found my Self. What a blessing!"

Your Questions, Our Answers:

  • When does the class begin, how often do we meet, and how long does it take to complete the course?

    • The course begins on Sunday, August 29th, 2021 and runs for 12 weeks. This length of the course is designed so you will have ample opportunities to implement this knowledge into your life.  Acharya Shunya will teach live weekly on Thursdays 5-7 PM PST. There will also be weekly live sessions with your assistant teacher on Sundays from 8-9 AM PST for Q&A and sharing. 

  • Do I need background knowledge of Vedic Sciences?

    • This course is open to beginners encountering these concepts for the first time, as well as long term students looking to integrate knowledge they have learned before. An open mind and softened heart are all you need to benefit from this course.

  • Are scholarships available?

  • Are the sessions live?

    • Yes, and recordings are available if you are unable to attend or wish to review them again. Weekly sessions include live lecture from Acharya Shunya, guided meditations, and interaction with the assistant teacher. 

  • How long do I have access to the teachings?

    • You have unlimited lifetime access to the course once you enroll. You are free to revisit the content as many times as you wish.

  • Can I speak with someone to find out if this course is right for me?

    • You are invited to contact our enrollment team with any other questions or to discuss whether this course is right for you. Email us at support@awakenedself.com. We look forward to connecting with you.

 Wondering if this

course is right for you? 


Acharya Shunya is a wisdom teacher and a catalyst for empowering  health and elevating consciousness worldwide.  She is an award-winning and internationally renowned  author, speaker and scholar of nondual wisdom (Advaita) and a classically-trained master of Yoga and Ayurveda. She is the author of bestselling book, Sovereign Self, Reclaim Your Freedom and Joy with the Empowering Wisdom of the Vedas, Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita (Sounds True, 2020).

The first female head of her 2,000-year-old Indian Vedic spiritual lineage, Acharya Shunya provides a rare opportunity to receive authentic teachings from a genuine Vedic master—one with a distinctly down-to-earth, feminine flavor who never lets us forget that our humanity is to be embodied and enjoyed. Throughout all her teachings and writings Shunya adeptly guides modern  seekers through the core concepts and practices, demystifying and contextualizing ancient wisdom for modern suffering. She helps awaken and recognize latent human potential to be healthy, joyful,  resourceful, abundant, limitlessly expansive, and ultimately sovereign.


Meet Ishani, your assistant teacher 

Ishani Lauren Naidu is a respected spiritual educator inside Acharya Shunya’s ancient Vedic lineage, who has been awarded the honorific title "Vidushi" by Acharya Shunya, which means “woman of wisdom” in Sanskrit. This title is earned only by the most earnest students of the Vedas, when they are ready to give back to the world, the fund of knowledge they have received, from their teacher. 


Ishani immersed herself in the Vedic path and quest for the true Self under her spiritual teacher Acharya Shunya’s guidance, via a deeply held, one on one mentoring and grooming process, and study of source texts that lasted for an uninterrupted period of 12-years. 


Ishani is the author of “The Song at the Heart of the River” (Harper Collins, India, 2020) that weaves classical themes of Ayurveda and nondual wisdom (Vedanta) into a heartfelt story and activities for children and adults alike.