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The self-paced 100% online Alchemy through Ayurveda course is an invitation to journey deep into yourself by fully learning and implementing the sacred knowledge passed down from her distinguished lineage of master teachers of Ayurveda, Vedanta, and Yoga, who hail from the holy city of Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India.


With over 120 hours of course content, Acharya Shunya grounds you in the essence of your being, from which springs abiding health and happiness. Watch the FREE course introduction now

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The consciousness-shifting companion program to Acharya Shunya's newest book, Sovereign Self, offers live teachings and integration exercises to help students reclaim their Soul Power.
This 12-week online course helps students master their thoughts and emotions, make conscious decisions in relationships and life choices, and shift their paradigm to that of Sovereignty. Learn alongside Acharya Shunya and other global seekers as you return to joy and freedom.

You'll receive several bonus teachings and a mini-courses when you enroll!
Next session begins Aug. 29th, 2021.



Millions of people around the world suffer from spring allergies, and many turn to pharmaceuticals that have been shown to destroy the mind and have long-term unknown side effects that we aren't even aware of yet. 

The 5000-year-old Indian science of Ayurveda provides literally thousands of holistic recommendations to fight allergies  — not just herbs! There are tons of anti-allergy foods, and an entire anti-allergy lifestyle that is waiting for you. Change your life and free yourself from the constant sneezing, itchiness, and sensitivity using 100% classical Ayurveda. 



The FREE 3-part Alchemy through Ayurveda introduction course offers students the step-by-step guidance to build a healthy lifestyle on the time-tested principles of Ayurveda.


This course will teach principles to settle the mind, improve relationships, boost digestion, sleep better, improve fertility and virility, and understand the fundamental principles of spiritual practice.


As a bonus, you’ll receive recipes to transform your skin and digestion. 



Each of the 18 video classes will teach you how to grow your own food, flowers, spices, and herbs so you can cultivate health from your own garden, backyard, balcony or back porch.


Enjoy coordinating recipe PDFs — recipes not found in Shunya’s best-selling Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom book. 

This course is FREE with enrollment to the Alchemy through Ayurveda Course. 



The Bhagavad Gītā is a 700-verse conversational poem originally written in Sanskrit by the Vedic sage, Vyasa. The title translates to "Song of the Spirit."


It contains a collection of timeless spiritual lessons applicable to people of all ages, backgrounds and faiths. 

This FREE 12- part class series focuses on Chapters 1 and 2 only as Acharya Shunya reveals the precious and profound teachings of the enlightened Vedic sages who composed this scripture, unpacking each verse of the sacred text with depth and care. 



The Yoga Sutras were written by Sage Patanjali 2,000 years ago. This course explores Yoga Sutra Vedic Philosophy and is for beginners and teachers alike. This ancient text reveals a definitive and systematic path to spiritual liberation through the practices of meditation and renunciation. ​This masterclass includes 4 video classes on Meditation & Yoga Fundamentals and a Sanskrit translation PDF. Studying The Yoga Sutras with a master Vedic teacher such as Acharya Shunya has the power to illuminate your entire being and change the course of your life forever.


This course is FREE with enrollment to the Alchemy through Ayurveda Course. Prior experience not required.​