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"Acharya Shunya's Newest Book is an Enlightening and Empathetic Guide to Finding One’s Inner Strength."
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"Shunya’s writing reflects her teaching/speaking style. She retells key traditional stories, analyzing them creatively and insightfully, while connecting them to history, social movements."
Unafraid to speak truth to power. 
—Susanna Barkataki
A portal to the power of the  wisdom goddesses that lie within each of us.
—Tracee Stanley,
A much-needed clarion call for every woman (and man).
—Richard Miller
Beautifully reveals how a woman can experience her own deep power, beauty, and wisdom.
—Sally Kempton
Thank you, Acharya, for this potent gift.
—Valarie Kaur
A revolutionary guidebook for living truthfully, compassionately, and fully.
—Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian
Engaging storytelling and a treasure trove of practices
—Philip Goldberg
About Acharya Shunya
Acharya Shunya is a truth-teller who facilitates authenticity, self-remembrance, and divine feminine pathways to awakening within. The first female head of her spiritual lineage that goes back 2000 - years in India, Shunya reinterprets and re-contextualizes ancient teachings for modern times, empowering people everywhere to lead  fearless, fulfilled and enlightened lives.

Author of several bestsellers, her latest book Roar Like a Goddess, by Sounds True, empowers women everywhere to step into their divine immensity and lead powerful, abundant, and wise lives through her revolutionary revisioning of ancient India’s primary goddess archetypes.

Acharya Shunya is the Founder of The Awakened Self Foundation, an organization headquartered in northern California, that empowers, educates, and inspires a world-wide community of wellness and spirituality seekers through its wisdom school, offering online courses, workshops, and retreats in alchemical Ayurveda, inner Yoga,  universal Adwaita and  trainings to Awaken the Inner Goddess.
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Leader of An Ancient Vedic Lineage
Acharya Shunya is the living custodian of her eminent Vedic lineage from the holy city of Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India, that has been imparting Vedic wisdom for generations. Named by her father at birth as Pratichi, she was given the spiritual name 'Shunya' and then the title ‘Acharya’ by  her Guru and paternal grandfather, Baba Ayodhya Nath, a well-known Vedic scholar, yoga and Advaita sage (Grihasta Sadhu)  of the former century in India, who was the son and disciple of his guru and father, Paramatman Shanti Prakash, considered a living ‘seer’ of the 19th century, a prolific scholar and renowned compiler of the classic Vedic text Adi Bhagavad Gita, the revealer of infinite spiritual treasures leading to inner awakening and Self-Realization. 

Acharya Shunya's father Daya Prakash Sinha has been honored with the  highest civilian award "The Padmashree" by the Government of India, for his contribution to writing, dharma and his plays, taught widely across Universities in India. Acharya Shunya is taking forward her  wisdom legacy with attention to the purity of the knowledge handed down to her across generations.

Acharya Shunya represents the ancient Vedic tradition of India in a way that is completely authentic, yet as relevant as possible to modern sensibilities and needs. Shunya’s unique gift to humanity is her deeply personal and authentic understanding of ancient Vedic disciplines of nondual Advaita, Yoga and Ayurveda, and their classic scriptures which she expertly demystifies and adapts into contemporary language and meaningful practices for the Western student. 


Roar Like A Goddess 
A Rallying Cry for Women Everywhere!

Acharya Shunya's newest book Roar Like A Goddess by Sounds True invites all women and  feminine gender identified beings to break free from the shackles of patriarchy and awaken their true nature, brought to life through India’s primary goddess archetypes:

Durga roars with power as she vanquishes patriarchal ideologies to help us break free of historical guilt and shame and access our own power, along with righteous rage, determination and radical self respect!

Lakshmi roars with abundance, and unapologetic pleasure. She shows us how self-value is the greatest wealth and how discontentment versus contentment may be the goddess thing to cultivate!

Saraswati roars with smiling self love as she illuminates the gifts of freedom and lasting inner peace achievable through radical self acceptance, facing our inner demons and radical self acceptance, despite any rejection we may face!

Yes, it is time for all women to come out of the closet and roar with all their spiritual power, because that is our true sound!

It's Official: ROAR is a Bestseller!

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Ready to ROAR?

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When the Student is Ready
Acharya Shunya awakens and enlightens seekers from all walks of life. Acharya Shunya’s nondual ‘Advaita’ teachings are directed towards realizing our true nature, the state of awakened spiritual awareness, through inquiry into our deepest underlying reality, a truth so universal, all-pervading and limitless that it goes beyond all social, cultural, mental and self-created biases norms and limitations. This universal reality goes beyond even religion itself, to reveal to us our abiding state of pure consciousness, immortal existence and abiding inner joy - “SatChidAnanda.”

Shunya is regarded as a ‘teacher’s teacher’, whose sheer presence and deep teachings and transformative wisdom initiates long-time seekers into a deeper inquiry, facilitating paradigm shifts and inward movement towards the final journey of learning, embodying and awakening to the higher 'Self' within. This Self recognition invokes and with it, dharma, peace, truth, peace and divinity, revealing the abiding state of pure consciousness, immortal existence and lasting inner joy.
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The intention of this group is to be a sacred space for discussing the teachings of Acharya Shunya: goddess archetype theory and its potential to empower women and people of all genders; spiritual teachings of mon-dual Vedanta philosophy, practices of Vedic Yoga, and the perennial wisdom of Ayurveda as taught by Acharya Shunya as a path of awakening to our true (sovereign, peaceful, healthy and joyful) Self while living in the world and carrying out worldly roles with dharma (ethics and self-honor).

You are invited to stay, grow and invite any friends, who you feel will benefit from these teachings.

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