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This is an important addition to a "holistic approach to health" that readers will want to refer to time and again.” ―Publishers Weekly

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Voted Amongst Top 10 Book in Alternative Medicine by Health Line!


Bustle listed this book as one of the best recommended "11 Books That Encourage Self-Care" in 2017.


Translated in 7 Languages Across the World!

Recommended at Several Ayurveda and Yoga Schools Across United States!

Activate Spiritualized Ayurveda  Awaken Health From Within

"This book has the potential to change your state of health for the better, permanently. Health is not a probability that you may achieve. It is a reality, an underlying natural state of being.

Whether you’re looking for help with a specific health concern, or if you’d simply like to improve your overall well-being, in Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom you’ll find a treasury of Ayurvedic lifestyle teachings and wellness practices for every part of your day.

Ayurveda teaches us that true health is our birthright—and that by artfully adapting to the rhythms of nature we can bring ourselves back into balance and experience abundant well-being."

- Acharya Shunya

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“.An ongoing source of expert guidance... along with facts, charts, and illustrated yoga poses, Acharya shunya shares her experiences, wisdom, and knowledge in a loving way”
““This is the ultimate guidebook for optimizing your self-care habits…Shunya makes Ayurvedic ideas and practices completely accessible.”
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Acharya Shunya is an internationally recognized spiritual teacher who awakens health and consciousness through Ayurveda lifestyle and Vedic spiritual teachings.

Shunya writes with passion and expertise; newcomers to Ayurveda will receive a comprehensive education, and long-standing practitioners can also delve more deeply into this wellspring of knowledge. 

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 In this episode of Insights at the Edge, Tami Simon speaks to Shunya about the Ayurvedic legacy she teaches and embodies—including its baseline concepts, history, and modern attitudes. Tami and Shunya also talk about Ayurveda’s repudiation of the concept of health as a commodity. Finally, Shunya discusses the universality of Vedic teachings and how an “infinity mindset” is a necessary cure for the foundational problem of hopelessness.

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Tami Simon in Conversation with Acharya Shunya on 'Ayurveda LIfestyle Wisdom'

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Invest In Your Health

After changing the lives of countless individuals, restoring their health, hope, joy and vitality even when no hope existed prior, my skill in seeing the soul and healing the body and mind, my traditionally obtained and mastered knowledge of Ayurveda  and the blessings of My Guru that were transmitted to me through an unbroken "Vedic Lineage' that goes back 2000-years in India, this book was born- many readers call it a 'gift' from my Soul to their Soul. 

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