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Upcoming Events

Cultivating Emotional Resilience Hosted by 1440 Multiversity

Join me for a heart-expanding webinar hosted by 1440 Multiversity where I'll share Vedic/non-dual teachings on how to cultivate resilience during challenging times.

You will learn:

  • Time-tested Vedic techniques to cultivate a peaceful mind in times of crisis.

  • Potent mantras that alter brain chemistry and esoteric techniques of the ancient Indian sages that quiet the mind and immediately relieve anxiety.

  • Numerous strategies to heighten your ability to respond to difficult situations from a conscious space.

  • Invaluable tools and exercises to encourage stillness and build resilience every day.

I'll also guide you through a meditation to calm your mind and impart lasting peace and calm. Become the master of your mind and emotions by learning to witness their activities in conscious silence. Learn skills to use your mind to your advantage.

Registration Fee: $75

Soul Circles - Monthly Spiritual Gatherings


Friday, April 17 @7pm PT

Friday, May 15 @7pm PT

Friday, June 19 @7pm PT

Friday, July 17 @7pm PT

Global Satsangs - Monthly Spiritual Classrooms

Every First Sunday of the Month via YouTube - 10am-12pm PST

Join Acharya Shunya's monthly Global Satsangs for a transformational study of traditional Vedanta​ from the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita and other Vedic texts​. You will receive timeless teachings of Vedic wisdom for daily living.

These LIVE satsangs are ​open to the public on Acharya Shunya's Youtube Channel.

Soul Renewal 2020

Bay Area and Beyond! You are invited to an upcoming gathering on Saturday, May 16th where Acharya Shunya will be delivering a LIVE discourse followed by refreshments and a meet & greet.

This gathering will be hosted at a private home in Fremont, CA. The address will be provided from Acharya Shunya's team upon your receiving your RSVP.

⇒ 2pm-6pm, Saturday, May 16th, 2020
⇒ Please arrive between 2-2:45pm.
⇒ Discourse will begin at 3pm.
⇒ Only children who can be silent for extended periods of time may attend.
⇒ Refreshments will be served from 5-6pm followed by meet & greet with Acharya Shunya.
⇒ Please feel free to bring your water kanteen, a meditation shawl and pillow.

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