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Navratri 2022

Goddess Festival

9 days 9 Nights

Sep 26 to Oct 4

Online By Awakened
Self Foundation

Join Acharya Shunya's  community for the most anticipated year after year. Come back for a half-day retreat on Oct 8th, to celebrate the goddess blessed new you and for more soulful teachings from Acharya Shunya.

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Roaring Relationships
& Self

Begins Oct 19, 

Online, By Awakened
Self Foundation

Learn to curate your relationships with goddess wisdom and insights to turn around your darkest and most challenging relationships,  with wisdom that is deeply feminine and alchemical in nature. Yes, there is hope, don't give up as yet! 

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Roaring Wealth & Abundance


Starts Feb 1, 2023

Online, By Awakened
Self Foundation

 This 4-week workshop seris  will bring you in alignment with greater prosperity. Learn Goddess blessed perspective on what changes you should make  to achieve more abundance, wealth and material fulfillment in life.

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Roaring Health & Wellbeing


Starts May 3, 2023

Online, By Awakened
Self Foundation

Teachings and transmissions in this 4-week workshop series shall bring replenishment to your body, mind and soul and will empower you from within, connecting you with self-reverence, deep rest, self reflection and soul-relaxation

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Awaken Goddess Saraswati with Mantra, Meditation & Sacred Visioning 


Jan 4, 2023

1 Hr, Lecture, Online, By
Omega Institute

Join a one-hour Omega Teachers Studio with Vedic scholar Acharya Shunya and begin to awaken to the grace of Saraswati, the Vedic goddess of light, truth, wisdom, and liberation.