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Alchemy through Ayurveda




In ancient India, sacred Vedic knowledge—Ayurveda, Yoga philosophy and Vedanta (self-realization)—was carefully passed from master to student through immersive transmissions over a period of at least 12 years. Acharya Shunya, at a young age, was one such long-time student of her grandfather, Baba, a Vedic mystic, healer and master spiritual teacher.


Ayurveda is a complete science which addresses all dimensions of one's Self: the body, senses, as well as the mind. It works to awaken one's most true, healthy and joyful Self from within.

Today a celebrated author and master spiritual teacher herself, Acharya Shunya has found that most Ayurveda courses put their focus on the physical body and doshas only, brushing aside the long-forgotten, but crucial mental and spiritual aspects.

With a vision to fill the gap, revive the sacred wisdom of holistic Ayurveda and spread it across the globe, she developed the most authentic, Vedic lineage-based online Ayurveda course in existence today, Alchemy through Ayurveda.


Alchemy through Ayurveda goes far beyond dosha-based herbal prescriptions, food lists and online quizzes. This course is a unique transmission that creates everlasting and profound transformation from the inside out, using time-tested wisdom to awaken your mind, body and spirit.

As a result of the Alchemy through Ayurveda Course, you'll be able to:


  • Build your own designer health-manifesting lifestyle, step-by-step under Acharya Shunya's guidance

  • Follow a time-tested map of Ayurvedic seasonal eating and lifestyle strategies

  • Boost your digestion with simple shifts in your current eating habits and diets

  • Learn all about immune-enhancing Ayurvedic superfoods and garden herbs

  • Finally get great sleep at night

  • Develop a healthy and balanced sexual life

  • Improve and protect your fertility (if you so desire)

  • Learn about Ayurveda-inspired yoga practices

  • Understand Ayurveda's fundamental principles

  • Stock your pantry with Ayurvedic foods, spices, herbs, flowers you can grow

  • Get access to easy-to-cook, delicious, healing recipes (not found in Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom)

  • Get access to skin transforming beauty recipes (not found in Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom)

  • Apply Ayurvedic psychology teachings for healthier relationships

  • Communicate in a way that makes you more successful in your relationships

  • Begin cultivating a relationship with your own Soul and God, for ultimate well-being

  • Enjoy spiritual contemplations and meditations to support your healthy lifestyle

What You'll Receive:

Access to 120+ total hours of Acharya Shunya's teachings (including gifted courses): The Alchemy through Ayurveda course alone provides 40 roughly 2-hour video classes each with coordinating PDFs for further learning and engagement.


Daily access to the online classroom to watch the classes at your convenience.​


Once-per-month interaction with Acharya Shunya herself or her teaching assistants, Vimala and Vaidehi during a LIVE group video call via Zoom for questions and discourse. These recorded sessions take place on the 4th Sunday of the month unless otherwise scheduled.

Ayurveda Ancestral Herbal Library

Acharya Shunya's online library of 18 comprehensive videos on Ayurvedic herbs, flowers, spices and superfoods with coordinating recipes featuring Chef Sanjai ($550 value)

Yoga Sutras: A Roadmap to Self-Mastery Masterclass

A deep-dive exploring Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and Vedic philosophy. This 4-part masterclass led by Acharya Shunya is for beginners and teachers alike. ($150 value)


Course Available On Demand - Start anytime of the year!


One-Time Investment

Tuition: $3499

Transform Together Discount

Tuition: $3,399

Bring a partner on your journey and save an extra $100

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What Sets This Course Apart


1. This Course will Awaken Your Innate Health & Wellbeing Versus Teach You to Fight Disease

Worldwide, Ayurveda is promoted as a holistic system of defeating disease. However, if we simply replace synthetic drugs with natural herbs, the disempowering ‘disease mindset’ will not be replaced. Most Ayurveda programs today feed into this  self-defeating ‘prescriptive’ mindset.


Acharya Shunya has designed a truly unique non-prescriptive, health-awakening course. This course is a guided journey from darkness to light.


It is a rite of transition from a life lived unconsciously at the mercy of unexamined habits or dependency upon dysfunctional relationships to the reclaiming of a truly healthy and happy life, achieved with the aid of awakening knowledge and awakened living (not simply popping herbs and drinking herbal teas!).

It is highly worthwhile to pause and explore the health-evoking, life-changing, practical and wholly implementable teachings by Acharya Shunya, that can be tailored to fit into everyday western lives. This course, now in its 13 year, continues to enjoy unprecedented success and grateful students all over the world.


Student Expressions

"Since January 2019, I have been participating in Acharya Shunya's Ayurveda course. This past year has been one of many transitions for me: chronic dilapidating back pain (preventing me from working), separating from my partner into single motherhood and an ebb and flow of questionable mental states.


This course and the knowledge that Acharya Shunya shares has helped me in the best way possible. It has given me hope. I can feel the sun on my face and know everything is alright. I see the magic in every little plant. i know in my heart i am worthy of love and health and peace. Shunya gifts us with this knowledge in such a beautiful and simple, yet eloquent, way. Not to mention funny! I giggle in every class. It was a big financial investment for me - but worth every penny and more. I will carry this knowledge with me forever and hopefully pass the wisdom of ayurveda to my children."

- Alexis Fletcher

Meet Your Instructor

Acharya Shunya is a globally-recognized Vedic scholar, best-selling author and spiritual teacher of non-dual wisdom [Advaita Vedanta]. She has transformed the lives of thousands through her extensive knowledge of ancient Vedic Sanskrit texts.


Acharya Shunya is the first female lineage-holder from an ancient line of Vedic spiritual teachers from northern India. She was groomed in the study of Vedic scriptures for 14 years, by her loving grandfather and guru, Baba Ayodhya Nath, (alongside regular schooling) and chosen among multiple male candidates as the first female spiritual leader of the lineage at the age of 24.


As a representative of this ancient Vedic lineage, she conveys the deepest scriptural wisdom in a manner relevant to modern western sensibilities while losing none of the original beauty, authenticity, purity, and power.

Acharya Shunya’s non-dual universal teachings are directed toward people of all faiths seeking to realize their true potential. Her profound spiritual teachings change lives, enable abiding happiness, peace, and realization of the ultimate truth.  Her students describe her as a catalyst for awakening, a beacon of light- that has illumined their paths from powerlessness to powerful. Students consistently remark at her gift of delivering profound wisdom eloquently, within the context of easy to remember real-life application. Acharya Shunya has received prestigious awards and honors for her very unique, deeply authentic and heartfelt style of teaching Ayurveda. Read Professional Reviews.

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