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I have received the deepest mystical wisdom of Advaita Vedanta, one of the world's most ancient spiritual philosophies, from my grandfather, my Guru Baba Ayodhya Nath. This stream of ancient knowledge  affirms that Divine Consciousness is the very basis of all existence, and asserts that the goal of life is to realize this divine consciousness, expressing itself as our own innate higher Self

Yet, the essence of our true Self  is largely unknown to us. We are so busy projecting our mind's awareness upon the external world with which we become fully identified , that  we forget that a powerful, beautiful, invincible and blemishless 'Self' whose nature is Pure Consciousness, dwells  deep within us. We become satisfied with our persona or shadow instead running on borrowed consciousness from the true Self. Our demanding lives keep us from knowing who we really are, o even enquiring why we suffer so much? We don't stop to ask what (if anything) survives death, and what our ultimate purpose is as spirit not body. We are trapped in a bodily and mental container that takes on a life of its own  (what I call the actor self) that forgets its true master, the inner essence of Pure Consciousness, Divine light, the true Self. Our transient outer-being  veils our inner eternal inner-being, the 'Self'.

The result of this forgetfulness (of true Self) and distractedness (in material identity and pursuits) is that we fall into deep blinding spiritual ignorance, seething with unending desires, and remain ever unfulfilled emotionally and spiritually speaking,  driven by external circumstances and pull of objects rather than internal knowingness and authenticity. We remain at the turbulent surface of our being and rarely visit the calm depths within. We pursue outer fulfillment in the dense, material world and neglect the subtle bliss that dwells within our own being as "self'. No wonder a majority of humans, despite our material and scientific technological advances, feel overwhelmed anxious and fearful, overpowered by life marked by transience, impermanence, decay,  disease and death. 

Until we learn to move beyond the  material sleep of 'simply being a body' through a deeper awareness, we will remain bound by karma, desire, birth and death. We will live in the shadow of darkness and unreality, which is our inability to see beyond the darkness into  the inner light of truth. Unless we learn to awaken from this primordial darkness, we will not know our true, cosmic reality.

And this is where my  Vedic nondual teachings  are said to act like a wake up call. Right knowledge acts like medicine.  It helps awaken the deepest knowingness of our own truly sovereign nature,  a spiritual power that is never undermined or inhibited by outer circumstances, aging or even death. To know the True Self is to wake up from a nightmare of deeply entrenched spiritual disempowerment at last, and begin  living anew, as a sovereign master of our mind, body and destiny no less,  a life of boundless inner freedom,  joy and  sovereignty.

Besides, an Awakened Consciousness is every human’s birthright – it is not magic or a super state, as it is often made out to be. It is simply resting in our true nature that is enlightened through right- knowledge of what is true versus what appears to be true. The awakened Self is magnificently boundless in its powers and capacities and experiences spontaneous wellbeing and peace. We are here not to struggle and compete, but to be, play, and express our inherent wholeness and health.

Now, over the decades, I have not only mastered the nondual- knowledge transmitted to be my teacher, academically, I have lived it. And this living knowledge, I attempt to make alive in my wisdom school.

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