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Change Your Negative Relationship Karma: Yes, There is Still Hope!

Updated: 6 days ago

It makes me smile at myself, and ultimately it humbles me, to see how far Vedic wisdom can help us tap into our hidden potential. I feel I was born with some pretty challenging relationship karma to begin with, plus no intuitive know-how to engage with people without getting hurt, or knowingly or unknowingly, hurting them back.

But now, I am a spiritual teacher with students worldwide, enabling peace, joy and genuine love in relationships. If you have studied with me, in person, online, or through my books, you will know this… my Vedic divine feminine teachings on empowered and wholesome relationships change lives and turn even the worst relationship prospects around for the better.

What happened? How did I accomplish this?

From birth, I could connect with spontaneous ease with all kinds of birds, animals and exclusively with 3 human beings... my Guru (my grandfather), my mentor (my father), and my lifeline (my mother). But relating with everyone else would confound me and make me lose my sense of right from wrong, truth from projection. This was especially obvious in my intimate relationships.

Sooner or later, I would begin living a falsified version of who I am, filled with unease, doubts and stress. Though deep inside me, all I wanted was to give and receive love, affection and respect. ‘Why was it so hard?’ I wondered.

Despite my best intentions, my spiritual self-ignorance birthed deep self-sabotaging unconscious patterns in my mind, and I experienced deep emotional suffering inside pretty much all of my relationships - with my partner, with my child, with family members. Does my relationship paradigm sound familiar to you?

Fortunately, Vedic wisdom, especially the goddess stories that I imbibed and wrote about in my newest book, Roar Like A Goddess, reminded me that wherever we suffer most, there lies our classroom. There lies a hidden gem for us to discover mindfully, and walk away radiantly alive and blessed. So I got to work and gradually mastered how to be compassionate, dharmic, conscious and soulfully powerful inside them. I began using my relationships as a laboratory for one hundred percent authentic living and sharing our boldest, Roaring version of our divine Self.

Today, all my relationships have changed for the better. My human relationships have been transformative and amazing for so many years now, and getting more beautiful every day. Yes, this is my spiritual success story. I have defeated my negative karma and unleashed all new possibilities.

My life's story changed forever.

And this can happen for you too.

Anybody can talk the path---but I can teach you how to walk the path too? I walked it myself for two full decades before teaching it. This path involves housekeeping your own ugly thoughts, facing your own karmic debts, seeing through your own self-deceptive beliefs, and beginning to discern and detach from your suffering. All this to taste the fruit of a beautiful, more positive opportunity that lies underneath the superimposed drama, quietly awaiting your discovery.

Today, in my fifties, I feel like a child again. Floating across the relationship ocean in my own wisdom-boat, every human being who comes into my life has become a source of joy, respect and mutual support - in fact a veritable oar.

All of my relationships have turned around. Some simply blossomed as I blossomed inwardly, and others I proactively healed and made whole using this same wisdom, as I saw my deepest (hidden) teachers inside of my worst critics, rejectors and emotional abusers.

Even people who disliked me once, are my friends and supporters today. Who was I and who were they, I wonder, but ONE Self playing different roles for a deeper journey of our collective evolution of consciousness?

Never again in this or any future lifetime will I ever take on unnecessary, unwarranted suffering or give suffering in relationships. Thank you Vedic Goddess Wisdom for making me whole, or rather reminding me of my inherent wholeness, inside relationships of every kind.

To find out more about Acharya Shunya’s Roaring Relationships & Self workshop series, click here.

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